Breaking News 24/7


Designer & Developer


2018 Fall


Art Direction
Raspberry Pi

Project Overview

This project was developed as part of a course at NYU ITP called Pop-up Window Display. This production class focuses on designing creative and interactive installations for public window displays. I worked together with Jiyao Zhang, Marco Wylie, and Nathier Fernández to successfully execute this project. Titled "Breaking News 24/7," our interactive installation aims to challenge the distinction between reality and fiction within the constant news cycle. By raising awareness about the prevalent issue of fake news, our objective is to initiate meaningful discussions on this problematic matter in contemporary society.

The Iconic Figure - Pinocchio

A gif show a Pinocchio with their nose elongating

For this project, we conceptualized the entire window as a massive television screen that showcases contentious and concerning news sourced from the Internet. The focal point of our installation is an iconic figure—the newscaster—depicted as Pinocchio, known for his penchant for falsehoods, resulting in his nose elongating. Drawing inspiration from this widely recognized cultural symbol, we utilized it to represent the notion of deception or falsehood.

The News Content

We scrape from the Internet to gather content from the internet, specifically focusing on fake news or exceedingly bizarre articles that appear highly implausible in nature.

A fake news piece gif shows restrictions on women in militaryA fake news piece gif shows a wall is building between USA and MexicoA fake news piece gif shows sun is disappearingA fake news piece gif shows earth is flat

Installation System Diagram

The technical system diagram of Breaking News 24/7

Project Timeline

Project timeline of Breaking News 24/7

Behind The Scene

The behind the scene image of the installation
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