Consciousness Transplant


Designer & Developer


2018 Spring


VR Storytelling
3D Modeling


Consciousness Transplant is an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience designed to allow users to visualize their consciousness and undergo the transformative process of embodying a new subject. To achieve this, users are required to wear a VR headset and sit in a genuine wheelchair, securely fastened to simulate the depicted scene within the virtual environment.

The inspiration behind this project stems from the thought-provoking episode "White Christmas" from the television series Black Mirror. This particular episode delves into the extraction of one's consciousness and its transfer onto a device, leaving a lasting impression of both awe and fear. Intrigued by this concept, I chose to utilize VR as a medium to further explore and delve into the possibilities it presents.


The immersive experience commences by placing the user in a first-person perspective within an operating room setting. The room is populated by patients lying on tables, while doctors wearing surgical masks move around purposefully. After this initial scene, the environment transitions into a vibrant, galaxy-themed space that appears boundless and infinite. Subsequently, the user is brought back to the operating room, where they discover that both themselves and the other patients have been transformed into robotic entities.

To make audiences feel "present"

To enhance the sense of "presence" and create an immediate connection between the real world and the virtual environment, users are first seated in a wheelchair and securely strapped in before the experience begins. This deliberate choice allows for the mapping of physical objects from the real world to their virtual counterparts, thereby creating a more immersive and realistic experience. By incorporating these discomforts, such as being strapped into the wheelchair, the intention is to heighten the overall tension and intensity of the experience, further engaging the user's senses and emotions.

A photo shows an audience trying the VR experienceA gif shows an audience trying the VR experienceA photo shows an audience trying the VR experienceA gif shows an audience trying the VR experience


A snap shot of the experience - a doctor with three other robot in a surgery roomA snap shot of the experience - a visual representation of the flow of our consciousness  A snap shot of the experience - a doctor facing the audienceA snap shot of the experience - the doctor facing the avatar with two other patients laying on the beds
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